Peaceful Painting Project provides mindful home painting and handyperson services on a donation basis. We are a part of Ommhome, which is an all volunteer run non-traditional spiritual nonprofit whose mission is to help people realize their divine nature and free them of their limiting beliefs. Our specialty is helping people struggling with anxiety and depression to learn how to live at peace; full of love and vitality.

We believe that everything is energy and that our thoughts and intentions are powerful enough to change energy and even the molecular composition of matter; which has now been proven by numerous scientific experiments. So our goal is to charge your home with positive, loving energy by keeping those intentions throughout our service to you. All of our volunteers practice insight meditation daily and view the service they are providing as a practice in mindfulness and a type of therapy.For homeowners who are really sensitive to energy and want to clear out and build up the positive energy even further we offer additional steps, such as burning a smudge of ceremonial Sage, painting loving words that are then painted over, and group meditations with a strong unified intention. We believe that even those who aren’t that sensitive to energy will feel the difference every time they return home.

In addition to painting, we offer wood staining, stenciling, small repairs, feng shui consulting and miscellaneous other odd things we can help you with, like helping you clear out, organize and haul away no longer necessary things that are clogging up the energy of your home. Our goal is to make your home feel lighter, stronger, cleaner and warmer.

Since we operate on a donation basis we request that you first get a quote from a professional painting company so you have an idea of the cost and can donate a fair amount based on this and the level of energy we put into our service. We also request that you purchase the paint and certain supplies. As a Church, we are legally recognized as a non-profit corporation and can receive tax deductible donations of land, buildings and other property, but we kindly ask that you are able to make a monetary donation at least equivalent to the minimum wage to cover our operating costs and support our spiritual community.

We’re happy to speak with you on the phone to make sure were a good match before setting up a time to meet at your home, but we ask that you email us first at and then we will call you as soon as we’re available.


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Movement as Medicine

One of our main goals for our volunteers, which we call Ommhomers, is to help them learn how to alleviate their anxiety and depression through mindful movement and living in the moment. We call this Read more…